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My name is Joséphine Häckner Posse and I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, BA in behavioral science and Career coach. You can choose to meet in person at my clinic or through video or phone call. You can be either a private person or a business customer.


I am psychodynamically trained, but have further training in CBT. The two methods can often be integrated with each other. I also have training in hypnosis and EMDR – eye movement therapy - and work with these methods when desired and needed. I have worked as a psychotherapist for 15 years and the company JHP Life & Career has existed since 2010.

About psychotherapy

Why seek psychotherapy? 
Sooner or later, many of us experience situations or crises in life where we don't feel so good mentally. This can be triggered by events in the present or by experiences in the past that come into play. We could feel overwhelmed with stress, insufficient at work or in relationships, low, anxious, doubting or more confused than usual. We could experience problems in relationships privately or at work, or perhaps both. This can manifest itself as anxiety, mood swings, sleep difficulties, depression, fatigue or addiction problems. 

When you meet a psychotherapist and start examining and putting your feelings and thoughts into words a healing process is set in motion. You gain an increased understanding of yourself and your relationships. This often provides insights that can help you resolve emotional conflicts, create new approaches and develop new thought patterns.

How does it work?

The goal of therapy is to reduce psychological suffering, to increase self-esteem and self-compassion, to gain insights into what gives life meaning and to increase the ability to deal with life's challenges. An important part of therapy is the relationship between you and me as a therapist and the trust and confidence that is created between us. This, in my experience, is the most important prerequisite for a good result and it is also what modern psychotherapy research confirms.

What do I offer?

Individual psychotherapy
In individual therapy, we examine and explore what is causing your problems, what you need help with and wish to change. The number of meetings can vary and I work with both shorter and longer psychotherapies. 

Personnel support
Common causes of work-related mental illness are stress, reorganizations and conflicts between employees. In these sessions, the focus is mainly on finding ways to reduce stress or to get support in orienting yourself in working life. 

EMDR - eye movement therapy
I offer treatment for minor trauma or fears that prevent you in your everyday life. EMDR is a structured, manual-based form of therapy where the focus is limited to a specific problem area. The sessions are interspersed with eye movements.

Clinical hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis is a method where focus lays on relaxation and work with internal images. It can strengthen you, reduce stress and help you find new solutions to problems. Clinical hypnosis can be integrated in regular therapy sessions.

Career development - coaching

Here focus is on change processes in career or other areas. We work with a structured process, with exercises and tools, that aims to set up goals and define your strengths, your competences and what you wish to achieve.

My background 


I am licensed as psychotherapist by the National Board of Health and Welfare. I have professional experience from private practice as well as from work at a health center and in HR - personnel support. I also have assignments from the insurance company Falck Health Care AB.

Career coach
I have extensive experience in career coaching and training of students, doctoral students and staff at the Royal Institute of Technology. There I have also created teaching aids for career development, both in printed and digital form. 

Academic education 

- Psychotherapist program, Ersta Sköndal University, Stockholm

- BA in Psychology and Behavioral sciences, Stockholm University.

- BA in Cultural sciences, Stockholm University.


I am a member of the Swedish Association of Psychodynamic Psychotherapists, and the Swedish association of EMDR

Contact and Clinic

You can choose between meeting at my clinic, through video or phone. Welcome to contact me via the form to the right, via e-mail or phone.

073 360 80 25


Institutet för psykoterapi (Institute of Psychotherapy)
Linnégatan 44-46, Stockholm

T-bana Östermalmstorg.